New Site Immediately Impending

Hi friends, just giving you a head’s up at that at long last, within the next 24 hours (and possibly sooner) we’ll be transitioning to v1.0 of the new site. It took a bit longer than we had anticipated because of mission creep and other issues which cropped up, including transitioning in our new Technomancer, but everything is more or less ready now. Continue reading “New Site Immediately Impending”

Legends of Ogre Gate COMPLETE (Chapters 80-98)

Legends of Ogre Gate is concluding with a bang, an 18 chapter mass release! For a while now I’d been aiming to end with chapter 100, but as the story moved along, I realized that to do that would have required putting in unnecessary filler, so I opted for what I feel is a more clean ending.

To accompany the grand final, Bedrock Games created full stats for the ultimate villain of the story, the Demon Emperor. Check them out here! Please note there are some spoilers to the story within the Demon Emperor’s character information, so if you care about that kind of thing, wait until you get toward the end of the story to look at his info. Continue reading “Legends of Ogre Gate COMPLETE (Chapters 80-98)”