MGA – Update

2 days ago, I made a poll on my patreon to ask my readers about my intention to stop patreon upper pledges so as to make up the chapters owed. The result of the poll is overwhelming in favor of my decision. As such, for the next month, I will be translating 48 make up chapters (27 missed over the course of the year I have patreon and 21 from this holiday month.)

What does this mean? It means that there will only be 48 chapters of MGA for the month of January. The next chapters release will be on the 1st of January. Things will resume back to normal afterwards.

Feel free to comment with any questions. Or hit me up on discord.

– Cultivator Loveless Murder, Yang Wenli!!!

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      1. He partially dropped patreon for January and thus there will be no regular chapters at all. The 48 chapters he will be translating are the chapters from before that he missed. so that’s basically what he is doing

      1. I think he misunderstood. He possibly understood it along the lines of: “While I make up for the chapters I am behind on, I won’t be continuing to do the regular schedule, which will continue once I have caught up.” Or something. I like to think of it as: “Making up chapters = no new chapters”
        We know otherwise x3

        1. I was doing 21chapters/week because of patreon. I am closing down patreon support for almost all tiers for a month (leaving only Martial Cultivator, $1 dollar to allow for interactions, and Martial Emperor, $80 read everything tier) so as to focus on the missing chapters.

    1. The 21/week are considered a product of patron support on Patreon, not an independent obligation. Yang Wenli is presumably pausing donation acceptance for the month of January and ergo will ONLY post the 48 make-up chapters.

  1. So, did I get this right? To make up for the chapters you have missed, you will release 48 chapters in January. Total. Basically half the amount people would have gotten had you continued on normally (~20/week)? Yeah, I feel better already. That is a really stupid decision in my book, cutting off the largest chunk of your income, and delivering people way fewer chapters than usually. You missed chapters, boohoo. You already translate incredibly fast, whatever. Some people on here don’t do a quarter as much as you do, with a 4 team translation group. Just chill out, no one will bite you for it. Cut them off, start anew.

    Also, start updating us on delays HERE, not only on patreon. It’s not that hard, takes a minute. You can’t possibly tell me you don’t have time for that without blushing, can you?

    1. You don’t understand the stress associated with dealing with haters and being falling behind the moment you end up missing a couple days of work.

      If cutting my own source of income for a month will help me get back on track and not be so stressed all the time, I think it would be worth it.

      I haven’t been updating delays on either platforms? Usually ended up getting a lot of hate with every delay update, just not worth the time for me to read the comments and feel frustrated afterwards.

      1. Apologies for any distress the community has caused you. Think reanox, myself, and the majority of the community do all greatly appreciate your impressive productivity and overall excellent quality, even if we don’t always get to saying it.

      2. I have nothing to say. This mindset is childish beyond limit. Haters? You are an online translator earning thousands each month and complain about some haters? No updates here because of hate? So, readers that don’t check out patreon posts are not worth getting informed because you can’t handle backlash? Cutting your source of income AND delivering less chapters, bravo. Nice way to “make it up”. Sure, falling behind after missing a few days of work. That’s how the real world works. I also can’t just not work when I feel like it and get offended at my employer (your readers..) complaining lol.. This doesn’t read like you want to make something up, it just sounds like you want a quieter month. Which is fine, just don’t bullshit us. You also can’t feel frustrated for people complaining about you not delivering on promises tbh..


        1. You cannot understand how haters and trolls will make things difficult on your psyche until you’ve experienced it yourself.

          I am not ‘making it up’ to you. I am doing it to my paid patrons, the people that support me through this journey. I owe them, not you, the chapters and if I continue on like this, those chapters are never going to be made. Instead, things are just going to continue to snowball downhill. The promises made has never been made to you. Rather, it is to my main supporters, the people that made it possible for me to do this.

          If that cannot get through your thick skull, I don’t know what could.

      3. Gives you a much needed hug. Don’t forget that Kindhearted Bee gets a lot of flak as well. People complain about how a lot of chapters seem to be stretched out, filled with people repeating the same stuff, or doing meaningless things. It’s been mentioned to me before that he is so overworked to write so many chapters a week or be fired and sued that he works through sickness and has nearly broken down and stopped writing. People want a nice chapter to read, but forget someone has to write it, get it edited and posted, then another person has to translate it into a different language, edit it, get permission from unscrupulous Chinese companies to post it, etc. Thank they wonderful people and let them rest.

      4. I just want to say I support you and I’m very thankful of the chapters you translate some lazy translaters hardly do a chapter a month. please do not stress yourself out and take your time getting back on track.

    2. As explained, it seems the planned structure both allows him a needed break and fulfills obligations to the paying patrons who have made the previous speed possible/can reasonably be considered a priority overall. Multiple people have chewed him out at length for late delivery (much less altogether missed chapters), and an unpaid hiatus decided by funder referendum is as good a solution as can be hoped for. I’m just treating it as a month hiatus with 48 gifted bonus chapters.

      Would agree broadening updates to reach the general public seems like low-hanging fruit which would be greatly appreciated/improve the sense of consistency which often contributes to the decision to donate.

      1. IDK why people keep accepting it as an unpaid hiatus when he’s still being paid. The only difference is that there are now 2 tiers instead of 7. It’s a pay cut, for sure; but in no way is it unpaid.

        1. The $1 tier will allow for me to interact with my patrons.

          Keep in mind, with all the processing fees, I make maybe 50cents per dollar.

          The $80 tier will be limited to 15.

          In short, I should be expecting to make about $1000-$1500 for this month from patreon and some ad money from wuxiaworld. Split that with overhead costs and editors, I’m likely going to put in money this month to make this work. But that’s what savings are for.

          1. You really dont have to detaily explained your wallet income to us. I feel sorry for the reader pressure on you, but maybe next time dont chew when your mouth still full. Thats what being a pro is. Hope you still in high sprit for finishing this novel in WW.

    3. Were you reading when GoodGuyPerson was translating the novel? He used to take 2-3 weeks off every now and then. Normally the end of each arc to recoup and to relax from the stress of translating and meeting deadlines. Think of this month as Yang Wenli taking a holiday off to de-stress due to the haters and whiners that have been active over the past few months, except the big thing is we are still getting chapters.

      As for the updates I can’t comment on that. I would probably say in its raw form it’s just bullying, which of course is detrimental to his health and state of mind while trying to stay up to date with it all.

  2. Okay this makes no sense, he is only giving us 48 chapters in January where normally we would of gotten more than 84 chapters in January. How is this making up unless he meant additional 48 chapters along with 84+ chapters that would be in January.

    1. yeah, we get less chapters overall, he hopes that by doing this he can clean up his schedule and create a large enough stockpile this month where he will no longer miss chapters in the future. Sucky situation but with all the hate he was getting on patreon, he had to do something.

  3. Lol this man strategically reduced the amount of chapters he’s putting in by half while still managing to get paid by the largest patreon price by claiming to give us chapters he owes even though he’s going to owe us more chapters, I almost died from laughter at how mischievous this is!!!

    1. You’ve been commenting stuff like this for the past year now and has been making multiple spam accounts on my patreon. Are you bored? Shouldn’t you be grateful that I am doing you a service to your jackoff life?

      1. Lmao am I bored? I don’t even read MGA anymore because of your inconsistency, you still owe 28 chapters extra from spring break and you can read through the comments lol literally people are telling you to your face that your shamelessly lazy but whatever you want to believe lol

      2. And don’t lie nobodies making multiple spam accounts on your patreon I’ve never even commented on your patreon but I can link the multiple forum posts about you if you would like to see them, I just don’t want to embarrass you like that you aren’t doing me any service anyways but continue to ride your high horse

      3. Hi Yang, I’ve been reading this novel from before you picked it up, catching every update on the day it comes out. I almost never log into my account and I’m not a supporter on Patreon. But I saw this thread and decided to check the comments, and was appalled by the attitude people are having towards you.

        Your translations are very good quality and you put out a lot of chapters consistantly(stuff happens, things get missed, people get over it, many will recognise your good intentions even if you were not in a position to live up to them).

        You are easily one of the top translators on this site, please don’t let the loud minority put you down and stress you out, us (usually) silent majority appreciate you a lot!

        Keep yourself well!

  4. Wait I’m actually confused. Ppl would rather have fewer chapters now so a stockpile can be made than to just get more chapters overall, but occasionally miss some?

    Honestly think it’d be better for everyone if u just took 2 weeks off or something and continued with the old schedule from there on.

    EDIT: Oh this is in no way meant to be actual criticism. Thanks for translating as always!

    1. Basically, people “paid” for chapters, Yang fell behind on the schedule and isn’t able to dish them out along with the normal release schedule.

      Since this is the case, rather than have Yang pressured and stressed every single day over the chapters he cannot deliver, he should stop allowing people to “buy” more chapters by closing Patreon for a month, refucing the normal schedule chapters and allowing him to give the missing chapters to the people that “paid” for them. Then Yang can have a fresh start to 2018, and maybe even have a stockpile to protect against him falling ill and repeating this mess.

      I guess people voting to have less chapters is essentially for Yang’s well-being.

  5. I don’t really care if its more or fewer chapters for some reason. I mean, sure, it sucks when there’s fewer chapters, but I can’t imagine there being fewer chapters for no rhyme nor reason.
    All in all, about 20 chapters a week, while they are shorter than most regular LN chapters – if you add every 2 chapters together – that’s still more than one chapter a day. Why do some guys need to ask for more and claim “responsibility” and “you’re paid for this” or “do your job”?
    If you ask me, this is already doing a damn good job.

    And in the end, if our translators or authors get too annoyed with people hating and complaining, we are still the ones that want something. They can just drop it and we’re screwed (As in: Shutting down their patreon and donations and releasing all the already paid chapters, then quitting). As long as we get our chapters pretty much consistently, month after month, all’s good.

    I’ve been using WW for ages and reading tens of books but I never felt the need to actually create and account.
    But this had to be said.

  6. This doesn’t make sense, I don’t care that much either (I stopped reading MGA because of your inconsistency translating it). Still I wanted to write my opinion.

    You say that you will stop the income from patreon which is false since as you said you are going to keep 15 spots for the $80 and $1 “to interact with the readers”. Thats a lot of money to say that you are stopping the incomes and you can interact here.

    Also if I recall correctly, every translator here had an amount of chapters that they would translate regularly per month and also an extra numbers of chapters based on the donations, with patreon that changed and the translators started to reach goals (which you didn’t to be honest) based on their incomes. You set a goal (again, if I recall correctly) of 15 chapters/week when you started patreon so that was your goal with no income, 60 chapters /month. Now you say you will translate not 60 (your lowest amount) but 48 because you are cutting the income from patreon (which actually you aren’t).

    So for me it doesn’t make any sense, and again I dont care because I don’t read MGA anymore.

    1. If you stopped reading MGA, why are you so concerned with my situation? Could it be that you’re one of those so-called ‘Drama Faeries’ that could smell drama over 9000 miles away?

      The main source of my patreon incomes are from the mid tier pledges. I am rolling over all benefits for December pledges to January. As for the $1 pledge, it will allow the patron to check my updates (I have since privatized all updates due to the spams.) The $80 pledge will remain for those who wish to read all my stock. In short, I am going to cut down around 80% of what I make, maybe less maybe more.

      I do not know where the 15ch/week came from. I do not believe I ever posted such a thing. I believe I have only started setting goals after I created patreon and have only created patreon after translating 100 chapters. And yes, I’ve failed to meet my goal (overly ambitious). That is why I am doing this to repay my supporters.

      If it doesn’t make sense for you, perhaps you should take some Psychology 101. Youtube should have lectures for free. If you’re not interested in a degree, it might help you out.

  7. Wow in all honesty, if I’m the translator and I see all these comments. I would cut down the chapters even more. They are one of the best translating teams on this website and u guys refuse to give them a break. They already said it’s not about the money but about the stress involved. If you paid on Patreon and you’re mad then just take that money and go learn Chinese and read it yourself then. It’s not easy translating and dealing with ignorant haters because of some delays. Anyways, have a good break translating team! Thanks for the hard work 😊

  8. I don’t usually post much, but after all the hate, I just wanted to unconditionally post my support to you Yang Wenli. i specially understand what you meant that posting update causes even more hate to come your way.

    I wish you the best no matter your decision and just hope you will still stick around with us for the long haul and don’t let the other folks get you down. We leachers are grateful for whatever you can deliver!

  9. This is such bullshit. You don’t understand the internet trolls are being mean to me, if someone is mean at my work I don’t get to come in whenever I want for the next month. You’re being paid good money for this so do your job and stop whining.

    1. Honestly, I think you should stop your whining; without Yang Wenli translating MGA, you wouldn’t be able to read the novel anyway (FOR FREE, might I add), so just be more grateful and supportive. Also, not all jobs are the same. You may not be able to come in whenever you want, but translators most definitely can decide how many chapters they’ll post and when (unless they’re employed by another company e.g. Qidian).

      1. I dislike haters but i hate bootlickers the most! You are in no position criticize others. He expressed his opinion towards the translators and you rebuked him! What if he’s a patreon and you are a freeloader! What rights do you have then. You said that “not all jobs are the same” then i can say something better to you too, Not every human are born equal!! So watch your mouth before saying shit or else! Virtual doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe

        1. Purely out of curiosity… or else what? It’s not like this is actually the world of one of these stories where people cower before others lest they be killed. And in reality, what crazywuxia said is technically correct – there is nothing contractually binding Yang Wenli or any other WW translator to work without pause.

          1. Lol ijen questioning and being rude is a different story altogether. Also, the crazyeuxia guy is giving his opinion as well. He used ” I think you should…” and also he’s being rather polite to a hater. And since ur assuming that the first rude guy was a pattern, how about assuming crazywuxia is a patreon too and that since he can accept it and the majority of the patrons can accept it, why can’t the hater accept it. Like the MGA post said, majority of the patrons agreed. Lol read his words and read your words.😊

        2. I’m not a bootlicker… and I’ll admit: yes, I am a “freeloader” who hasn’t donated to the translator at all, but that’s because I can’t .
          Also, sure, a patreon has every right to question the person they’re supporting, but it could at least be done in a more friendlier way; using profanity and getting angry over a web novel seems slightly immature to me.

  10. Happy new year and thanks for translating as always! Just do what you want to do and ignore all the haters typing from their parents’ basement and getting mad just because of a web novel.

    Again, thanks for your hard work! 😉

  11. Hi all,

    With this post i try to make a summary of Yangs behaviour which triggered the shit storm he got on Patreon.

    1. He gets donations from Patreons for his promises, all his income for translating is his full time job:

    first promise: 28 chapter per week for 10.000 $

    second promise: 24 chapters per week – because he could not handle 28 chap.

    third promise: 21 chapters per week – because he could not handle 24 chap.

    Result: no promises kept

    2. His excuses why he could not handle the amount of chapters he promised to release

    sorry i could not stop watching a series,
    sorry i could not stop reading another novel,
    sorry i need to get my sleeping shedule right.
    –>I can write a novel with his excuses.

    3. Yangs behaviour when s.o posted critical opinions on Patreon

    First he answered and discussed posts.
    Then he started answering with excuses and promises with make up chapters
    Then he started deleting critical posts and banning people
    Now he is clearing his bad reputation each month deleting all community posts

    4. All his previous supporter feel deceived

    –> Now he reaps what he sow

    In his current make up Plan Yang mentioned on Patreon that he needs 2-3 times more time for translating a chapter. In March 2017 he said it takes him 2-3 hours for translating a chapter. So 3 chapter should be 9 hours working per day. Now he tries to convince us that he needs 6-9 hours for translating one chapter.

    And to answer Yangs incoming question, why i am investing so much time in him.
    I want to show people what a businessman and what kind of person he really is. Don’t always believe in his excuses and use your brains. 9 hours for a chapter per day? Seriously?

    Feel free to join the discussion in the wuxia forum about him:

  12. Me as a begger/leecher cannot choose what bestowed on me from you mr. Translator sir. 48chaps for january is already a blessing. You have my full heart from the begginning until the end. I only kindly hope that you dont drop this novel midway, thus making me read from that cursed translator machine site.

  13. Thank you for continuing translating.

    I do not know what it is to work translating on the Internet to such an immature audience or what so many complaints would do to me if I were you, I would probably have given up on this Novel ^^’

    I do not agree with some of the decisions you have made in the last few months but I understand you are under a lot of stress and working with this audience is a source of DAILY stress.

    If this your current decision allows you to solve some of the problems and you can finally fulfill your schedule again, I wish you success and that in this new year everything happen without problems in your life and in your work


    1. You would have given up on this novel? You understand that this is his job and he translates this novel for a living right? Even if he decided that he wanted to translate another novel instead, he would not be making nearly as much as he is with MGA. Stress comes with the job, it’s just about how you manage it.

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