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          1. Agreed. While I sometimes get annoyed when the upload schedule is not consistent I fully understand the he might be busy, when a chapter does go up I am thankful. I do not directly pay for this service so I am fine with delays. Great story and a great translator. Thanks 😀

      1. Stop d*ck riding so hard, we pay for their services too just not as much as patreon, if this site was so free and rwx wasn’t making money it won’t exist….the traffic on this site is crazy with all the ads and stuff they make a lot. Facebook is free website but yet a billion dollars company, how? Well do your research. SECONDLY, I am just say he needs to say what’s up, like just look at rwx for example even when he just sleeps and forgets to upload he says it…simple communication shows you care and some respect to your readers and fans. I’m a university kid too so I get how busy this time is, and I appreciate their work but a simple sentence or two won’t hurt.

        1. Jesus Christy, may god bless ur soul buddy. Thank god someone here is not a crazy fanboy and understands that nothing is for free and although it is great to have novels to read and etc, this is business not like many fanboys say “he has no need to translate it, he does it because he likes and loves his job so stop complaining when u are getting something for free”….jesus christ like wth, specially because these individuals use google, youtube, facebook all for free and complaim like hell when something doesn’t go right, but never uses this same argument for these companies.

          In the end just in patreons he gets more than 10k dollars and the free chapters are part of wuxia marketing and also why everyone finds this website their main place for reading novels…the ammount of money makes this possible and also a way of living for translators, specially because allow them to diversify their area of work.

          Also nobody here is sentencing the guy to death, just saying that communication is good and he could have a little bit more care in the relationship with his clients/readers because I’m not here for years and years like many are, barely 1 and a half or 2 but even though, there are many translator that do have a good reader-translator communication and it’s incredibly good, actually it makes even more readers support the translator.

          So thanks buddy, ur comment made my day and I hope it also showed to a lot of individuals that criticizing shouldn’t be prohibited and fanboyism is not that good, makes u get short-shighted for stuff xD

          As for the rest, peace and love, intolerance is never that good hehe let’s hope the translator end up learning and improving not just at translating, but in relationships with readers and others xD

          1. Thank you, someone actually understands. Critism is something that should be welcomed unless it’s just rude and yeah they got to understand these translators love their work and started doing it without making much and or not for the money but they still make money(especially on this huge site) and not as selfless as all these fanboys think.

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