New Site Immediately Impending

Hi friends, just giving you a head’s up at that at long last, within the next 24 hours (and possibly sooner) we’ll be transitioning to v1.0 of the new site. It took a bit longer than we had anticipated because of mission creep and other issues which cropped up, including transitioning in our new Technomancer, but everything is more or less ready now.

V1.0 is focused mostly on updated and streamlining the backend which translators use (WordPress backend is shit and far too slow for a WW-sized site), so aside from the overhauled front page you won’t notice too many changes. Some of the immediate changes you will see are things like automatic bookmarks (based on the last chapter you viewed) and auto-updated TOC, and a few other things.

However, a lot of the underlying structure has been built in for everything else we are going to be doing, such as VIP ad-free functionality, in-house advance chapter functionality, a review/ranking system, and more. Many of these new features will start off ‘hidden’, and over the next two to three weeks, we’ll be rolling out the additional features in staggered shifts for ease of troubleshooting and so that not too much stuff breaks.

Thanks to many of you for sticking with us for so long. Here’s hoping we’ll see you for many more years to come!

[Note – registered users WILL need to reset your passwords once the new site is live for security purposes!]

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  1. YAY! About time xD
    Glad this is finally going live though i wouldn’t be surprised within the couple hours it goes it we crash it from overloading it. I’m excited its finally done-ish

  2. Nice! I’m looking forward to the new site and features, and I’m sure an easier to use interface will be greatly appreciated by the translators and editors.

          1. Thx for hard word
            You could try to make a temporary link on the page that works for upp to a minnute

            That way you can only dl it after the pageview
            And make sure to remove it from the db after that time and not deactivating it
            Otherwise the db would fill upp pretty quickly i think

  3. Make WuxiaWorld great again!!!

    Looking forward to using the new website especially the bookmarking feature. There have been countless times where I have lost the chapter I am on in a novel and have had to search for like 15 minutes to find out where I left off.

    1. Yeah I’ve just been bookmarking the teaser page of the next chapter in my browser. I started doing that because I used to just leave the tabs open but sometimes my browser would crash and I’d lose my place.

      1. Right now I have 10 tabs open where I left them. Some of them are building up for at least 3 months, 3 are read nearly daily and one is a special gem. One of them is what I want to read next.

  4. No, just no.
    Don’t downgrade the site just to make it more appealing for people to come. Simplistic and minimalistic as it is right now is the best possible form this site will ever have. Don’t ruin it like all the other sites.

  5. What about the most important feature, filtering or subscription based email notifications? The site would still be workable if you enforced all TLers to use the wuxia tags/categories, but many do not… and will frequently post with generic titles and nothing to filter on.

    1. You’ll see the differences. Honestly, subscription based email notifications really aren’t workable; it means we would have to send roughly 450k emails a day (seriously), and we just can’t do that once it’s our own servers instead of WordPress servers. You’ll see shortly!

      1. YES, FINALLY! Oh how i’ve waited. I legit have ~18k unread mails in my inbox where 95% is from WW. If there won’t be 30 new mails per day, it might be worthwhile to clean it up a bit.
        Anyways, congratz to getting the now site up and I hope things will go smoothly for you when setting it up 🙂

    2. I filter using general expressions and RSS. It’s a lot quicker and you get all the updates you want without missing one.
      I just hope they keep it in the new iteration of WW

      1. You can offer personalised RSS feeds though (there are only so many combinations of series), and recommend services like IFTTT to turn rss into email.

        I use the current email subscription, and even though my current filters filter out 95% of what I don’t want, it still lets several through every week, due to poor tagging/categories of posters.

        1. I have an RSS feed on my phone that will notify me when a chapter of a series I’m reading is released. I get ALL the releases I read even if the categories/tagging is wrong (Regular expressions are THAT good).
          I could integrate it with tasker, IFTTT (or node red for that matter) to send an e-mail but I don’t want to clutter up my email with that. but is should be relatively easy to make.

  6. This is really good news. I always thought the content in this website was really good but the website design was severely lacking. Gravitytales for example has a really good website (shame it decreased in popularity due to most of the novels being “shared” by Qidan). And Qidan, to be honest, although they are scumbagish their website is really good as well. I’m happy wuxiaworld is finally changing things for the better.

  7. That’s some good news to read! I look forward to the new design and the new functionalities even though I never really had to complain about the site (bad ads on mobile for a time but it’s long gone).
    Will the site be offline during the transition?

  8. “in-house advance chapter functionality”
    Does this mean that i still have to pay on Patreon? :/ If so, any plans of moving the transaction part in-house?

  9. Whoo, exciting! Will you keep the current comment system, or switch to something like Discus? I found that finding comments that i posted earlier on chapters is nigh impossible with the current sytem.

  10. I hope the new site works with JavaScript turned off. I usually read on my phone, and the site is really slow when JavaScript is on!

    Of course if it’s well written script, this might not be as significant.

    Is there somewhere we can provide feedback when it goes live?

    1. Almost no one creates sites without js. Even more, if this is a SPA, you can only see a placeholder with similar content: “Enable JavaScript for this site, please”

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